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Mount Rainier Magnet


Mount Rainier 3D model in 2″, 3, and 4” sizes. Integrated magnet for display on magnet surfaces or simply on a desk, bookshelf, car dashboard, etc.

PLA, 3D printed

Mount Rainier, also known by the indigenous name Tahoma, is a 14,411 ft tall stratovolcano that dominates the horizon of the greater Seattle, Washington region. Located in Mount Rainier National Park, Mount Rainier is an iconic visit for mountaineers, hikers, and road trippers alike. This 3D model of Mount Rainier will remind you or your loved ones of your travels to this grand mountain, whether that is on your desk, mantel, car dashboard, bookshelf, etc.

The model includes a magnet to secure your refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces. Velcro also works great for car dashboards (included upon request).

This 3D model was created from a USGS digital elevation model (DEM), manipulated in 3D modeling software, and 3D printed with PLA filament all, from about 58 miles from Mount Rainier itself!

3D Model sizes:
SM: ~2″ x 2″
MD: ~3″ x 3″
LG: ~4″ x 4″

Looking for something larger, check out:

Available in the following colors:
– White (classic matte white)
– Marble (rock-like)
– Rainbow (the changing colors accentuate the change in the topography of these grand mountains)
– Glow-in-the-dark (off-white in the light, green glow-in-the-dark when the lights go out)

**Note: the photos represent an example of a completed model. Due to the nature of 3D printing with multi-color filament as well as the made-to-order manufacturing process, each model will be unique and one-of-a-kind!**


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