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About Cascadia Mountain Goods

The Cascadia bioregion – a land of ancient forests, glacial lakes, rugged peaks, and vibrant moss. Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest several years ago, I have fallen in love with this mountain paradise. The joy of being in these amazing natural landscapes inspired me to start Cascadia Mountain Goods. Relive your mountain adventures through 3D topographic art.

See you in the mountains,
Ryan ✌️

Mountain Wall / Bookshelf Art

These models include an integrated keyhole wall hanger giving you the option of hanging proudly on a wall, displaying with a model stand, or lying it flat on your desk, mantel, bookshelf, etc.

Mountain 3D Magnets/Desk

These models include a magnet to secure your refrigerator or other magnetic surfaces. Also looks great on a desk, bookshelf, car dashboard, and more!

Mountain Road trip

Items to help out on the road!

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Cascadia Mountain Goods exists on Duwamish & Coast Salish land.